AirPods and Beats Firmware Updates Address Important Security Issue

While Apple’s release notes for AirPods firmware typically offer few details on included changes, the company has published a separate support document outlining a security issue that was fixed in today’s firmware updates for AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Fit Pro.

According to the document, today’s firmware updates address a security issue that could have allowed an attacker within Bluetooth range to spoof the details of a device you’ve previously connected your headphones to, allowing the attacker to gain access to your headphones.

Apple usually mentions in its support documents if a security issue is known to have been exploited in the wild, but the company has not indicated that this is the case with this issue. Still, it’s a good idea to update the firmware on your headphones as soon as possible as others could be inspired to attempt to replicate an exploit of the issue now that its existence has been publicized.

There is no straightforward mechanism for initiating a firmware update for AirPods and Beats headphones, with Apple simply stating that the updates are “automatically delivered while your headphones are paired with and in Bluetooth range of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.”

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