Apple’s Cutesy New Website Pushes Apple Watch for Kids

Apple is encouraging parents to purchase a cellular Apple Watch for their children with a new “Apple Watch For Your Kids” campaign, which appears to be a more informative rebranding of the Apple Watch Family Setup feature that’s been around since 2020.

The Apple Watch For Your Kids website walks through how the feature works and the perks. An Apple Watch with cellular can be added to and managed by an adult’s iPhone, providing kids with a wrist-worn device for phone calls, text messaging, and location tracking.

Apple touts Schooltime, an option that restrictions notifications and apps during school hours through Do Not Disturb. The Schooltime schedule is set by parents and adds a visible yellow circle to an Apple Watch so teachers are aware the device is not usable during classtime.

Apple also promotes Apple Watch durability and water resistance, as well as the built-in activity tracking options that include workouts for children and activity awards.

The newly rebranded Apple Watch For Your Kids feature is being promoted on the Apple Watch pages, but Apple has not yet updated the support document that walks parents through setup.

Requirements for providing a child with an Apple Watch include a Series 4 or later with GPS + Cellular and a cellular service plan, an ‌iPhone‌ 6s or later (for the parent), a Family Sharing group setup, and Apple IDs for both the parent and child.
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