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A blog focused on tips and helpful knowledge in a General capacity.

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Netshot Compliance Tool

Many of us have to supply a report showing our devices are compliant based on auditors requirements.  What tool out there does compliancy checks?  A great free opensource compliancy tool is called netshot.   The open source compliance network software. Freely available : www.netfishers.onl/netshot

Create Visio Diagrams without Visio

Being a mac user and sometimes linux user (never Windows), I miss Visio since that's how I created my diagrams.  I tried many different software replacements to just be let down.  I stumbled on lucid.app which my initial reaction was, no way a web based anything could come close to Visio but man was I wrong. Yes you can import stencils Yes you can import Visio diagrams, OmniGraffle, Gliffy, Draw.io Yes you can export Visio Is it free?  No but its very affordable o

Cowboy Denny

Cowboy Denny in Tools

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