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A blog focused on tips and helpful knowledge in a General capacity.

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Backup Invision Community Site

I'm use to using all these different software packages available to other CMS sites like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.. that would perform routine backups of your site and make it very easy to restore.  In fact cPanel has backup and restore built in for Wordpress sites but that's where it stops.  Apparently we are all suppose to use the very slow Wordpress solution.  NOT! Briefly here is how you can create the routine to backup your website regardless 1st concentrate on the Database

Wordpress Starter Help

Some of us dabble a bit in Wordpress but we had to start somewhere which means we got help from somewhere.  This blog entry is in hopes to give some material to help a newbie in the world of Wordpress. There are a few different great tools to use to build/customize your site and one of them I like to use is called Elementor.  Here is a great starter guide/video that is a bit older but he does a great job at walking you through building a wordpress site.   This video focu

Cowboy Denny

Cowboy Denny in Website

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