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Infoblox Add Network Insight to existing GRID

Cowboy Denny



Here are some “notes” on adding Network Insight to an existing GRID.


  • 2 Infoblox provided files (.ovf and a .vmdk file)
  • VMWare access to deploy an OVF
  • License
  • IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway IP Address
  • FQDN to assign to Member
  • SNMP Community Strings
  • ACL’s to include the IP Address that you assign to the Discovery member


Log into your Infoblox Grid Master to add the new vND-800 member

Click on Grid – Grid Manager – Members

Click the + button to add a new member

Member Type: Virtual NIOS for the vND-820

Host Name: <enter the FQDN for the server>

Click Next

Enter Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway for the appliance and click Save & Close


Open your vSphere Client

Click File Deploy OVF Template and browse to the Infoblox provided file that ends with -160G-ND-v800.ovf and click Next

You will get OVF Template Details screen (nothing to do here) just click Next to continue

End User License Agreement, at the bottom of the window you’ll find the button Accept, click on that and then the Next button highlights.. click Next to continue

Name and Location you enter the name (typically the FQDN you assigned as part of the Infoblox step above) and click Next to continue

Disk Format: Click the radio button next to Thin Provision and click Next to continue

Network Mapping: normally you can leave this with the default and just click Next to continue

Here you see a summary… leave power on after deployment not checked and click Finish to create the VM instance.

Once the vm session is created, now open the console and power on the device to finish setting up the box

When you get prompted to login: admin and password is: infoblox


Now we need to get the 3 60 day temp licenses installed

set temp_license

2. Add vNIOS license

Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y

set temp_license

1. Add Grid license

Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y

Restart UI now, this will log out all UI users? (y or n): y

set temp_license

3. Add Discovery license

Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y

Restart UI now, this will log out all UI users? (y or n): y

Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y


set network

Enter IP address:

Enter netmask: 

Enter gateway address: 

Configure IPv6 network settings? (y or n): n

Become grid member? (y or n):  y

Enter Grid Master VIP: 

Enter Grid Name: 

Enter Grid Shared Secret: 

WARNING: Joining a grid will replace all the data on this node!

Is this correct? (y or n): y

Are you sure? (y or n): y

NOTE: The new virtual application will restart and will synchronize data from the Grid Master


Log into your Infoblox Grid Master to add the new vND-800 member

Click on Grid – Grid Manager and click on Discovery

Under the Services Tab click the edit pencil

Infoblox (Grid Discovery Properties) under Basic Tab

  • Basic Polling Settings:
  • SNMP Collection
  • Port Scanning
  • Profile Device
  • Smart IPv4 Subnet Ping Sweep
  • Complete Ping Sweep
  • NetBIOS Scanning
  • Automatic ARP Refresh before Switch Port Polling
  • Switch Port Data Collection
  • Periodic Polling 1 Hours
  • Scheduled Polling

Credentials (you can add as many as you have but may want to rearrange the order so the majority of the devices with same snmp is at top)


  • Read Community
  • Order
  • Comment


  • insert settings here


Place a check next to the Discovery Member and click Edit

Click Seed and then click + button to add a seed router (maybe its the default router for the site)


Place a check next to Discovery Member and click the Play button to start the discovery.

You are about to start the Discovery service for the selected members. Are you sure you want to proceed? click Yes

Click the Refresh button at the bottom until the Service Status is green


Now go to Data Management – IPAM and place a checkmark next to a subnet or container and click edit

On the left, find Discovery and click on it

Click Enable Discovery and select the Discovery Member and select your Polling Options if you want to override the Grid set Polling Options and click Save & Close.


How do you know its working?  Click Data Management – Devices and you’ll start seeing this populate with discovered data.

For each device that is discovered with SNMP credentials, you’ll see Interfaces, Networks, IP Addresses, Assets (all this data will automatically be associated with IPAM records)..  so typically Data Management – Devices will show mainly discovered switches.



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