Create & Upload F5 QKview (the API way)

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F5 uploading of qkview via the WebUI is not very good anymore since they moved to yucky salesforce so you have to upload your qkviews via iHealth API.

Generate Bearer Token

First you need to obtain the API curl for your credentials and you do this by logging into and at the top part of your screen click Settings.

You will have a popup that looks like below and you need to click the copy button and you can paste it in a notepad or something that won’t alter the characters (like Sublime, VScode, etc)

At this point we have two options which is

1. you can manually just upload a qkview

2. you can create a script to generate the qkview, download it from the F5, remove it from the F5 (to save space), then upload it to iHealth.

Manually Upload QKview

Step One: Obtain Bearer Token

You did this following the steps above which is required for this Manual Method or the Automated Method using a script as described below

Step Two: Upload QKview

This is taking in the assumption you already have the qkview created and downloaded to the machine you want to upload it from to iHealth.

curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer "replace-this-text-with-bearer-token-provided-by-running-above-command  -H" Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api" --user-agent "MyGreatiHealthClient" -o - -F qkview=@"/home/confback/upload/" ''

Bash Script to Create, Download and then Upload QKview


Check out this Video that may also help

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