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Here is my suggestion for a home network or small business setup.

Internet Source

I am a pretty big fan of using Comcast as my internet and phone. Unlimited calling to include long distance, call waiting, voicemail, and three way calling all for one price. Internet has been very reliable for the three years I have been using the service.

Comcast Options as of today

Every Day Double Play (Internet + Voice) personal plans runs around $80.00/month

Business Class 6Mbps Internet, one full-featured Business Class Voice line and Business Class Basic TV service, $99.00/month

Business Class 16Mbps Internet, two full-featured Business Class Voice lines and Business Class Basic TV service, $149.00/month


My suggestion for wireless routers has normally been a Linksys but lately I have been somewhat disappointed with the quality and reliability of the Linksys Routers. So I am going to suggest what everyone on the internet is leaning towards and that is the D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit Router which will run you around $150

Printers and Computers with no Wireless

The issue of connecting Multi-function printers or other printers with no network capability has been an issue in the past. Also old computers or even desktops with no wireless also posed an issue. To solve these issues I recommend utilizing the D-Link DPR-1260 Rangebooster G Multifunction Print Server which runs around $80. It has the ability to connect a computer with a LAN jack as well as up to 4 USB printers.

Network Storage

There is only one brand that I trust my data to and that is the quality that LaCie provides. For storage I always believe in having your data in two places and with the LaCie 2big Network external drive you would run RAID 1 (which cuts the drive size in half). What is RAID 1? It is a minimum of two drives (in this case it is exactly two drives of the same size) and the data that gets written goes on both drives. So if one hard drive fails, you don't loose your data. You just order a replacement drive and once inserted, the RAID will copy over your data to maintain the two drive RAID. For a 1TB version (which means it can hold 50% so 500Mb) it will run you around $330

All of this would run you around

initial $640 and every month after that $80, $99 or $150 /month (depending on which Comcast Service you choose)

Comcast Business Class Internet.pdf

Comcast Business Class Voice.pdf

Comcast Business Bundle.pdf

Comcast Business Class Internet.pdf

Comcast Business Class Voice.pdf

Comcast Business Bundle.pdf

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