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Wireless Access Setup like the Hotels


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I pay for internet for my building but not a big fan of users not in the building using my purchased internet. Everytime I travel and stay in a hotel or am at the airport, I have am presented a login the minute I launch my browser. What a great solution, I would like to implement the same thing in my building. So what do you need to keep this inexpensive as much as possible...

Ubuntu Server or Desktop (these instructions were tested using Server version 8.04).

A x86 machine with two network cards (this could be an old laptop, desktop, whatever).

Defining some stuff: is the private network that everyone will get an IP address from which means to .254 are valid IP addresses with a subnet mask of (probably a bit too much information but I'm sharing it anyhow). The ubuntu server will be supplying the IP addresses (acting as the DHCP server) so if you access point is currently doing that task... turn off the feature of being the DHCP server. is the internal network that is hot to the internet.

So your desktop will have two network interface cards (NICs) and we will label them as such:

eth0 = This will be the internet hot address (most of the time this is setup to receive an IP address from your Internet provider or possbily another Linksys Router that is connected to the internet.

eth1 = Private network (this will not be assigned an IP address and will be the interface that will be handing out IP addresses to clients that wish to access the internet)

Note: This solution does not work well under VMWare Server or Workstation. I spent many hours trying to get this to work under VMWare and never had success and the first time I tried this on a dedicated old piece of doo doo, it worked fine.

Let's begin the installation...

1st download the .iso from Ubuntu and burn that to a CD and go ahead and follow the prompts to install (when tasksel launches asking you to install option components, you can go ahead and select LAMP and SSH Server)... you'll need these.

Now the rest of the instructions for ChillispotHotspot can be found here

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