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DJ using linux


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Check out these programs that all work on a linux (alphabetical order)

  • BeatForce a computer DJ system for two players with independent playlists, song databases, mixers, samplers, etc
  • BpmDj very interesting set of programs for the Linux DJ
  • DBMix software DJ digital audio mixing system
  • DJ Krazy a neat MP3/CD mixer for the Linux DJ in us all...
  • DJPlay "aims to be a high-class live DJing application for Linux"
  • Final Scratch pro-audio computerized DJ system from Stanton Magnetics
  • GDAM Geoff & Dave's Audio Mixer, a new mixer for the Linux digital DJ
  • Jay'O'Rama cool DJ tool for PCM/MP3/OGG playback and manipulation
  • Mixxx a cool DJ mixer from the Andersen brothers
  • MP3Mixer a system for mixing multiple MPEG audio streams in realtime
  • Oolaboola virtual turntable fun with Eric Tiedemann's "open-source cyber-shamanic noise-maker"
  • terminatorX enables hip-hop style "scratching" of WAV files
  • UltraMixer very cool virtual DJ mixing software, requires Java


Will keep adding to this post when I get more info

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