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Nagios Alert Emailer


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This script is a direct replacement for the basic Nagios emailer. 


This perl script provides the following features: 

* Allows you to specify the senders email address 

* Allows you to specify the destination email address/group 

* Allows you to differentiate between Host and Service outages 

* Allows you to connect directly to any SMTP server 

* Doesn't require any local sendmail configuration 

* Uses standard Net::SMTP module 

* Runs within Nagios's embedded perl interpreter 

* Allows you to format the alert message subject and body 

* Allows you to send emails to different alert groups based on nagios configuration 

Configuration steps -------------- 



I put this in the nagios plugins directory /etc/nagios/libexec but you can put it anywhere. 



define command{ 

command_name notify-by-email 
command_line $USER1$/send_mail.pl -n "$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -h "$HOSTNAME$" -s "$HOSTSTATE$" -a "$HOSTADDRESS$" -i "$HOSTOUTPUT$" -d "$LONGDATETIME$" -e "$CONTACTEMAIL$" 

define command{ 

command_name host-notify-by-email 
command_line $USER1$/send_mail.pl -n "HOST $NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -h "$HOSTNAME$" -s "$HOSTSTATE$" -a "$HOSTADDRESS$" -i "$HOSTOUTPUT$" -d "$LONGDATETIME$" -e "$CONTACTEMAIL$" 

define command{ 

command_name service-notify-by-email 


define contact{ 

contact_name contact 
host_notification_commands host-notify-by-email 
service_notification_commands service-notify-by-email 
email email@address.com 
.... rest of contact details .... 





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