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Looking up hostname from URL


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I have a task of locating a server based off of URL

So what my thought process is would be to first find the IP address

ping url.com

Then if it is a Windows server, try and utilize

nbtstat -A ip.address or nbtstat -a computername


tracert url.com

then connected to last hop/switch

sh arp | incl ip.address

sh mac-address-table address mac.address (may want to lookup mac address for vendor)

if it shows up on a trunk or multiple ports, see if its going to another switch

sh cdp nei (look for the port that the sh mac-address-table address result included)

Also tried

nslookup ip.address

Also downloaded nmap and tried os detection but it couldn't identify the mac address

nmap -sVC -O -T4 url.com

Anyone have any other idea's for looking up information for a server in an intranet (internal LAN)

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