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Timed Cisco Reboot Command


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When you are worried that a configuration may or may not work you can run the following commands

The following example reloads the software on the router in 10 minutes:

Router# reload in 10

Router# Reload scheduled for 11:57:08 PDT Fri Apr 21 1996 (in 10 minutes)

Proceed with reload?


If the change turns out to be successful then just run the following

The following example cancels a pending reload:

Router# reload cancel

%Reload cancelled.

This trick allows you to make changes and if they lock you out or if they break your connection, after the set time the switch or router will reload/reboot and load the original configuration found in the startup to running config. Just don't save the save changes by running a copy running-config to starutp-config until you are for sure your changes have been implemented successfully.

Reference: Cisco Article
Warm Reload

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