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WinDump Examples


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Here are some examples of how to use windump (found under our downloads section for those sites that block there website)

1. Find names of the network adapters installed in my machine
Type WinDump –D

Then you can run the program on a particular adapter with the command
WinDump –i adaptername


WinDump –i adapternumber

2. If you have the latest version of WinDump and still keep loosing packets.

Try to set a bigger driver's buffer with the '-B' switch. 
For example
Windump –B 5000

Starts WinDump with a 5 megabytes driver's buffer. When not specified, the dimension of the buffer is 1 megabyte. Bigger sizes mean better capture performance.  Remember, however, that WinDump is a software network sniffer and needs a fast hardware if used on fast networks.

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