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Long Range Wireless Solution


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We have been tasked with extending the wireless network from a location a mile away through lots of trees.

From the research I've done it won't happen with 2.4Ghz and not sure why but they said you need to power through the trees with 5Ghz.

Also directional is better than omni-directional. Concentrate all the power in one direction.

Directional Antenna

32dBi Outdoor Dish Antenna, 4900 - 5800 MHz

Part#: GNS-15563

Price: $299.99



29dBi Outdoor Grid Antenna, 5.7 - 5.8 GHz

Part#: GNS-1516

Price: $132.99


This antenna says it will reach up to a mile

12dBi Outdoor Omni Antenna, 5.7 - 5.8 GHz

Part#: GNS-1447

Price: $149.99



5725-5875Mhz 1 W Outdoor Amplifier (802.11a Wi-Fi)

Part#: GNS-12505

Price: $589.99


Access Point

Teletronics TT5800AP

Part#: GNS-TT5800

Price: $319.99







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That system looks nice but I thought lower band radio frequencies transmit through building materials easier than higher band frequencies. So you may want to look at NLOS (non-line of sight) when going through trees. There is also nLOS (near Line of Sight) which means you can see the other end but it may have few trees.

I would suggest this unit




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Since I have no idea what I'm doing I have reached out to GNS Wireless and Radio Labs and see what they both come back with as a proposal for my situation which is:

Require NLOS WiFi communication through 2miles of thick woods and unable to get above tree line for a direct LOS (Line of Sight). I'm looking for the entire package deal.

Once they respond, I'll post what I discover here.

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