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CentOS 6 Enterprise Network Tool Box


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First I get asked why CentOS versus Ubuntu and that's a tough question to answer seeing how I test both operating systems and both are very solid but I have had better luck and reliability with CentOS. I know, I know, Ubuntu has tens of thousands of more applications for it then CentOS does but I'm not building an application server, I am building a reliable network tool box that must be up and running.

So here is my layout of building a CentOS 6.0 Enterprise Network Tool Box Server


  • CentOS 6 i386 LiveCD (since the server I am installing it on doesn't have a DVD drive)
  • Static IP Address:

  • OpenSSH (allows connecting to the box remotely and function as a Jump Box)
  • FTP Server (more then likely proftp)
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP (websites)
  • Webmin (allows management of server via web console)
  • VMServer (allows running a Windows 2003 Server if required)
  • Nagios (Network Monitoring Tool, eventually you should load NagVis and NConf)
  • Network Tools like: nmap, tracetcp, lsof, iptraf)

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