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Imaging on Cisco Switches


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What I did to get this working with multicast using a Cisco 6509 Series as my core and a Cisco 3750 as my access switch.


At the 6509 switch:

ip multicast routing (global)

ip pim sparse mode at l3 interfaces level (or else dense or sparse-dense mode at l3 interface command level)

ip sparse mode, so i defined 2 RP's.


At the 3750 switch:

ip igmp snooping

Commands to run to verify:


show ip igmp snooping (is it enabled? )



show ip igmp membership (How many mc sessions are there, what are they, is "my" multicast sesion there? How many members has it)


I also use wireshark at the server and at a client (do i see multicast packets, and what is the mc address)

show ip igmp membership | i

This outputs hosts which are member of that session.



I know that much of the success depends on how the Windows servers are configured for distribution with multicast, so make sure the Windows servers are configured correctly or have it double checked.

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