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Cisco Nexus Configuration for Monitoring


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Setup Logging to our Solarwinds Server



Make sure that you are in the correct VDC. To change the VDC, use the switchto vdc command.



switch to vdc
terminal monitor
config t
logging console 6
show logging console
logging monitor 6
show logging monitor
logging message interface type ethernet description
copy running-config startup-config

Setup SNMP on your NX-OS


Make sure that you are in the correct VDC. To change the VDC, use the switchto vdc command.



switchto vdc
config t
snmp-server user name [auth {md5 | sha} passphrase [priv passphrase] ]
snmp-server user Admin auth sha abcd1234 priv abcdefgh

snmp-server host ip-address {traps | informs} version 2c community [udp_port number:ca21d44f]
switch(config)# snmp-server host informs version 2c public

snmp-server host ip-address filter-vrf vrf_name [udp_port number:ca21d44f]
switch(config)# snmp-server host filter-vrf Red

snmp-server enable traps

snmp-server contact ????
snmp-server location ????

show snmp user
snmp-server community name group {ro | rw}
copy running-config startup-config

configure your nexus snmp sever:

1- create the snmp context and map it to the second VRF :

snmp-server context (context name) vrf (second vrf name)

2- define the second community:

snmp-server community second_community_string

3- set the mib parameters for the second context

snmp-server mib community-map (second_community_string) context (second vrf name)



NOTE:: This is an ongoing article that I am updating as I learn more.


Solarwinds isn't downloading the configs but I found since snmp v1 and 2 are insecure, using snmp-v3 for discovery and inventory not only solves the security issue, but it works great. Use SSH and get all Nexus configs without issue



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Here is my SNMP configuration which works except I can not pull the Configs using Solarwinds.  I may be to change to SNMP v3 which you said works.


snmp-server contact MyWiseGuys Helpdesk or MyWiseGuys NOC

snmp-server location  9999 Hosang Blvd,, Grand Blanc, MI, 48439, Cabinet DL07

snmp-server source-interface trap mgmt0

snmp-server user admin network-admin auth md5 0xb477afdb0a14be4b8f3adcda26cea26d priv 0xb477afdb0a14be4b8f3adcda26cea26

d localizedkey

snmp-server host traps version 1 Winter!01

snmp-server host use-vrf management

snmp-server enable traps callhome event-notify

snmp-server enable traps callhome smtp-send-fail

snmp-server enable traps cfs state-change-notif

snmp-server enable traps cfs merge-failure

snmp-server enable traps aaa server-state-change

snmp-server enable traps upgrade UpgradeOpNotifyOnCompletion

snmp-server enable traps upgrade UpgradeJobStatusNotify

snmp-server enable traps feature-control FeatureOpStatusChange

snmp-server enable traps sysmgr cseFailSwCoreNotifyExtended

snmp-server enable traps config ccmCLIRunningConfigChanged

snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication

snmp-server enable traps link cisco-xcvr-mon-status-chg

snmp-server enable traps vtp notifs

snmp-server enable traps vtp vlancreate

snmp-server enable traps vtp vlandelete

snmp-server enable traps poe portonoff

snmp-server enable traps poe pwrusageon

snmp-server enable traps poe pwrusageoff

snmp-server enable traps poe police

snmp-server enable traps bridge newroot

snmp-server enable traps bridge topologychange

snmp-server enable traps stpx inconsistency

snmp-server enable traps stpx root-inconsistency

snmp-server enable traps stpx loop-inconsistency

snmp-server community Winter!01 group network-operator

snmp-server community Freeze#01 group network-admin

snmp-server community Winter!01 use-acl SNMP_Access

snmp-server community Freeze#01 use-acl SNMP_Access



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