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Jumping Bouncing Mouse Pointer


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Do you have a mouse pointer that moves back and forth or jumps around or bounces on your Debian based Linux system? This includes Ubuntu and Linux Mint systems as well as many others based on the Debian core.


Here are some fixes that you could try and see if they resolve the issue for you.

TRY #1

sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

and then adding Option "HWCursor" "false" to the Device section;



TRY #2

sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

and then find this section

 Section "InputDevice"

         Identifier      "Synaptics Touchpad"

and add Option "SHMConfig" "on", after which you save the file and then add

 syndaemon -i 3 -d -t -k

to your startup programs (System -> Preferences -> Sessions -> Startup Programs) where the usage for syndaemon is:

 Usage: syndaemon

   -i How many seconds to wait after the last key press before

      enabling the touchpad. (default is 2.0s)

   -m How many milli-seconds to wait until next poll.

      (default is 200ms)

   -d Start as a daemon, ie in the background.

   -p Create a pid file with the specified name.

   -t Only disable tapping and scrolling, not mouse movements.

   -k Ignore modifier keys when monitoring keyboard activity.

   -K Like -k but also ignore Modifier+Key combos.

   -S Use SHMConfig even if input device properties are available.



TRY #3

Install an application that automatically disables the touchpad on your laptop while you are typing and then re-enables it after a short period of time (that you set).

sudo apt-get install touchfreeze

NOTE: Don't forget to add it to the Startup Programs like the other Try's noted above.


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