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How many Avaya phones can a switch handle


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A Cat6513 with dual sup720-3Bs, 11 6548-GE-45AF blades, and assuming 5W PoE per port (I've been told that the Avaya 4621SW phone typically takes 4.9W) times 432 ports (2 of the 6548s don't have PoE devices connected), the total power draw will be 4749.57W.  How long a UPS can sustain delivery of this amount of power is something I can't answer.


As for the Cat6509, the only change is that the PoE ports go down to 240 (5 x 48 = 240).  The total power draw is 2992.19W.


As for the 4507R, I'll assume dual 4516 sups, five 4548-GB-RJ45V blades (is that right?), plus 144 PoE devices.  The total power draw is 1465.99W.

P.S.  BTW, if you had a CCO ID, this is one of the tools you'd have access to directly.  http://tools.cisco.com/cpc/

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