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ubuntu lxd containers


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Here are some notes regarding using containers in Ubuntu via lxd

Install was pretty simple since lxd said it was already installed when I tried to run sudo apt-get install lxd

I got no errors running: newgrp lxd

Also no errors running: sudo lxd init

So you must have some images to create lxd instances.. Here is a manual way of adding an image to the image store

lxc image import <file> --alias <name>

If you want to see a list of images you can simply run: lxc image list images:

By default lxd comes with three image stores built in

  1. ubuntu: (for stable Ubuntu images)
  2. ubuntu-daily: (for daily Ubuntu images)
  3. images: (for a bunch of other distros)

So if you wanted to check out what images are available at the default image stores you could run

  1. lxc image list ubuntu:
  2. lxc image list ubuntu-daily:
  3. lxc image list images:

Once you found an image you would like to install you simply type in:

  1. lxc launch ubuntu:14.04 my-ubuntu
  2. lxc launch ubuntu-daily:16.04 my-ubuntu-dev
  3. lxc launch images:centos/6/amd64 my-centos

But let's say you already have an image and its not on one of these stores.  This is how you import it

  • Import it with: lxc image import \<file\> --alias my-alias
  • Run it with: lxc launch my-alias my-container

Now if you wanted to run a command against one of your containers (let's say my-ubuntu that you created above) you would run: lxc exec my-ubuntu -- /bin/bash

Here are some other examples:

  • lxc exec my-ubuntu -- apt-get update
  • lxc file pull my-ubuntu /etc/hosts .
  • lxc file push hosts my-ubuntu /tmp/

You may want to stop the container and to do so you would run: lxc stop my-ubuntu

And to delete the container: lxc delete my-ubuntu


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