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I have played aroune with Sublime Text, Atom, Eclipse IDE and I have been recently told to try Visual Studio Code.  I have been trying not to since it has the name Microsoft in the name but I'll be honest, its pretty nice.  I learned that this is very much like Atom or Sublime.  Atom slows down with large projects where VS Code doesn't slow down at all.

Some extensions I installed to help me out include:

  • Rest Client – quick and easy testing of REST API (not as feature rich as POSTMAN, but good for quick testing)
  • Python
  • Prettier – For making JSON look indented (having issues installing based on a corrupt zip file)
  • YAML – for ansible
  • Indented block highlighting – for highlighting the JSON block you are in (useful for F5 AS3)
  • Project Manager – for easily switching between multiple projects

There are so many videos to help you get going with VS Code.  

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