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Audit Commands Linux Users used

Cowboy Denny

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When you maintain a linux based operating system that is locked down (so you can not install helpful tools to help you track events) you have to get creative so I created this script (its real ugly but works) that looks at every user in the /etc/passwd file and checks bash_history for commands and in this case I also check what commands on the F5 they may have run.

It may be helpful for you or not..  it doesn't cost you anything (unless you want to donate a tasty beverage to me for all my hard work)

Create a script (example auditcmds.sh)


#### Created By: Dennis Hosang
#### Script gathers audit information for users
#### Version 1.0 2022.04.14

outfile=/var/tmp/DJ/audit/auditcmdsOutput_$(date +%Y%m%d).txt

echo "User audit on $HOSTNAME"."$(date +%Y%m%d)" > $outfile
while IFS=: read -r f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7
    echo "........ start $f1 ($f5) ........" >> $outfile
    echo "User $f1 use $f7 shell and stores files in $f6 directory." >> $outfile
    echo "***** User $f1 tmsh-history *****" >> $outfile
    cat /home/$f1/.tmsh-history-$f1 >> $outfile
    echo "***** User $f1 bash_history *****" >> $outfile
    cat /home/$f1/.bash_history >> $outfile
    echo "........ done $f1 ($f5) ........" >> $outfile
    echo " " >> $outfile
done < /etc/passwd

It's pretty self explanatory but once you create this file you can simply run

bash auditcmds.sh

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