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LibreNMS Overview

Cowboy Denny

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This is a great solution for monitoring the devices in your network.

I personally did the docker image deployment and regret it and will be working on just deploying an updated OVA image provided by LibreNMS community which can be found here (issue is its Ubuntu and not CentOS).

Below is my journey using the provided image on a VMware ESX host.

How do I migrate my LibreNMS install to another server?

If you are moving from one CPU architecture to another then you will need to dump the rrd files and re-create them. If you are in this scenario then you can use Dan Brown's migration scripts.

If you are just moving to another server with the same CPU architecture then the following steps should be all that's needed:

  • Install LibreNMS as per our normal documentation; you don't need to run through the web installer or building the sql schema.
  • Stop cron by commenting out all lines in /etc/cron.d/librenms
  • Dump the MySQL database librenms from your old server (mysqldump librenms -u root -p > librenms.sql)...
  • and import it into your new server (mysql -u root -p librenms < librenms.sql).
  • Copy the rrd/ folder to the new server.
  • Copy the .env and config.php files to the new server.
  • Check for modified files (eg specific os, ...) with git status and migrate them.
  • Ensure ownership of the copied files and folders (substitute your user if necessary) - chown -R librenms:librenms /opt/librenms
  • Delete old pollers on the GUI (gear icon --> Pollers --> Pollers)
  • Validate your installation (/opt/librenms/validate.php)
  • Re-enable cron by uncommenting all lines in /etc/cron.d/librenms

This is suppose to be all that is necessary to migrate.

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