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BIG-IQ disk out of space

Cowboy Denny

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Here are a few things I've done in the past that helped me get through the BIG-IQ out of space.

K18484011: BIG-IQ Reclaim unused disk space from postgres database

Do a Full vacuum and reindex to reclaim the space
Note: This causes a high load and locks individual tables while working on them. It is recommended that this be performed during a maintenance window.

Do a full vacuum:
psql -U postgres -d bigiq_db -c "VACUUM FULL;"

After the above finishes reindex:
psql -U postgres -d bigiq_db -c "REINDEX DATABASE bigiq_db;"


When running a pre-check on the BIG-IQ CM I get this error

* Checking large task record accumulations
The following tables have over 100k records:
 bigiqtasks.global_tasks_log_pool_mgmt | Number of records: 123533

Please reduce # of records to below 100000 in each table before upgrading.
To remove by date, use the following example:
psql -U postgres -d bigiq_db -c "DELETE FROM <schema_name.table_name> WHERE _value->>'endDateTime' < <dateTime ie. '2021-01-25T16:41:04.740-0800'> AND _value->>'status' IN ('FINISHED', 'FAILED');"
This will remove all tasks that has an endDateTime before January 25th 2021 at 16:41 PST where status is FINISHED or FAILED.

It appears easy enough but the dang command doesn't work.






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