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Connect Infoblox and ServiceNow

Cowboy Denny

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The easiest way to connect ServiceNow and Infoblox is to use Activity Packs.

The new Infoblox and ServiceNow integration allows mutual customers to automate the process of managing DNS Security policies (RPZ, ADP, Threat Insight) and other IPAM, DNS, DHCP elements through the ServiceNow workflows and activities.

Currently Infoblox provides the current activities and workflows:



            RPZ Rules

            ADP Rules

            TI Whitelist Records

            A Records

            AAAA Records

            CNAME Records

            PTR Records

            SSH into a device

            Dig Command


            Create RPZ Rule

            Delete RPZ rule

Everything can be found on the ServiceNow store under “Infoblox Activity Packs.” Below you will find a deployment guide for you to use.

ServiceNow Activity Installation Guide.pdf

Check out this video

Check out the attached PDF presentation explaining a bit further


Integrations with ServiceNow 5_23_18.pdf

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