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Utilize a Landing Page or Splash Page


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In some cases it can be very helpful to have a Splash Page (when you want to notify your users/guests that activity is going on and they may experience some weird behavior until change is complete) OR a Landing Page used to validate your viewer is over a certain age or you may want to have them accept the warning the material they are about to see is graphic.  Whatever the case here are some great references for you to follow on how to add a Landing Page on your wordpress site.

No matter if its a Splash Page that you need or a Landing Page, the process is the same but you have different ways of doing it.



You can leverage the Wordpress way of doing this if your theme supports it.  The advantage of this method is you aren't relying on someone to keep the plugin up to date and in many cases many plugins require money to get updates...  why spend money if you don't need to.


PLUGIN method

You can use a plugin called SeedProd which they explain in more detail here or here is another tutorial on how to use SeedProd to build your Splash Page / Landing Page


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