Humorous Apple Ads Highlight MacBook’s Power and Battery Life

Apple today shared two humorous Mac ads that focus on the battery life and the capabilities of the Apple silicon notebooks. The “Charged” ad shows a serious professor commenting on a student’s remaining battery life.

“First class of the day and no charger? You’re playing a dangerous game…” he says, but the student says that she doesn’t have to worry about it because the Mac’s battery lasts all day.

In “Powered,” a student in a library is approached by a woman who says that laptops aren’t meant to handle big files and multiple apps. “You think it won’t crash?” she says. “You’re a hot dog in a hurricane.” The student lets her know that “it’s a Mac,” so it’s “running fine.”

Both videos have a dramatic, funny vibe that should play well on social networks. The ads are 38 seconds long, so they’ll likely be shown on TikTok, Instagram, and other social networks.

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