macOS 15 No Longer Needs Twice the Free Space for App Store Installs

Starting with macOS Sequoia, app downloads and installations from the Mac App Store will no longer require double the amount of local storage space available. Instead, the free space requirement now matches the final install size of the app, plus a small buffer, according to Apple.

The new space requirement in macOS 15 should significantly benefit users who download large games. Currently in macOS Sonoma, users have to ensure they have double the space available, which is often a challenge for games that can take up tens or even hundreds of gigabytes.

But in macOS 15 beta 2, you only need to have enough space for the game’s final size, plus the small buffer, as per the release notes. By aligning the free space requirements more closely with actual app sizes, macOS 15 should give users a better idea ahead of time of whether they can install an app from the Mac App Store, which will make general storage management easier.

Apple has told developers to update any messaging related to app size requirements to reflect the change, which should reduce confusion about how much free space is needed for new app installations. macOS Sequoia is currently in its second developer beta, with a public beta expected in July, followed by a general release in the fall.

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