New iPhone Battery Should Be Up to 10% Denser for Longer Life

A new iPhone battery with a metal casing should allow for higher energy density to deliver longer battery life, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims.

Alleged iPhone 16 Pro battery with new metal casing.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Kuo said that Apple’s adoption of a stainless steel casing for the ‌iPhone‌’s battery will allow for five to 10 percent higher cell density while remaining within safety limits, as well as meeting the requirements of new EU regulations. Alleged images of an iPhone 16 Pro battery with a metal casing leaked in late 2023 and The Information has since detailed Apple’s work to simplify ‌iPhone‌ battery replacement starting with the iPhone 16.

New EU law requires smartphone manufacturers to ensure batteries can be replaced by owners using easily accessible tools by 2025. Apple plans to achieve this with the use of electrically induced adhesive debonding technology, allowing users to apply a low voltage of electricity to quickly dislodge the battery instead of finicky adhesive strips. This new battery replacement method is anticipated to debut in at least one ‌iPhone 16‌ model later this year and could extend to all versions of the iPhone 17 next year.

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