Philips Hue Bulbs Randomly Turning Up to Max Brightness, But a Fix Is Coming

Some owners of Philips Hue smart bulbs are reporting that their lights are randomly turning up to full brightness despite being set to dim.

Philips Hue parent company Signify is reportedly aware of the issue, which is apparently related to the Matter interoperability standard, and says a fix is coming as soon as next week.

“After extensive analysis, we have identified an interoperability issue with the Matter smarthome standard, in which random temporary radio traffic disruptions are incorrectly recognized as legacy switch power toggles, turning low brightness lights to full brightness,” a spokesperson representing Signify told The Verge. “A permanent fix for the issue is in progress and will be rolled out within the next week,” they added.

It’s unclear how many Hue bulbs are going rogue and turning up to 100% brightness, but Signify says that only “a small percentage of users” have been impacted. If you’re one of them and you don’t fancy putting up with the random brightness changes, Signify suggests that you temporarily disconnect your Hue Bridge from your Matter smart home system until the fix arrives.

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