Sonos’ Privacy Policy Change Suggests It Might Sell Your Data

Popular audio company Sonos recently updated its U.S. privacy policy to make a small but notable change that seemingly puts customer data at risk. As noted by Louis Rossmann (via The Verge), the new Sonos privacy policy removes a line about not selling customer data.

In the 2023 version of its privacy policy, Sonos had this sentence: “We do not and will not sell your personal data to third parties.” The statement has been removed from the 2024 version of the privacy policy in the United States, though it is still present in privacy policies in other countries.

The change to the privacy policy has sparked commentary on Reddit from Sonos customers who have become increasingly unhappy with the company in recent months. Back in May, Sonos rolled out a new app design that has been widely criticized for missing a long list of features like editing a song queue, managing playlists, shuffling a music library, and more.

Sonos users already unhappy with the app changes feel that the privacy policy update is another nail in the coffin for Sonos. From Reddit user RemarkableAgent1350:

What is happening at Sonos? This hurts to read, especially after all the app drama – and from a company that I loved. This just might be the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. I think I’m done with Sonos.

The removal of that line from the privacy policy doesn’t mean Sonos is definitely selling customer data, and the company has not responded queries about what the change means as of yet.

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