T-Mobile Announces Price Increases for Some Older Plans

T-Mobile today revealed that it will be increasing the monthly prices of some of its older plans in the U.S. by $2 to $5 per line.

Affected customers will receive a text message from T-Mobile if their plan will be receiving a price increase, which will take effect next month. Affected plans appear to include certain T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice, and Magenta plans.

In its text message to customers, T-Mobile said this is the first time that it has changed the prices of some of its monthly plans in “nearly a decade.”

“We’re adjusting prices to respond to rising costs, but we are committed to offering low prices and the best value in postpaid wireless,” said T-Mobile, in response to a customer inquiry on social media platform X. “We offer customers more for every dollar they spend than ever before, especially when you consider taxes & fees included.”

In an alleged memo shared with T-Mobile employees today, the carrier said “costs and inflation have risen over the past decade,” but touted that it still offers the “lowest prices versus AT&T and Verizon” after the price increases. T-Mobile also ensured that customers on these older plans will retain all of their “benefits and perks.”

T-Mobile did not immediately respond to our request for more information.

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